Abosoluetly on the target.

As a solution to this situation I would suggest the following approach.

The person who is suffering or his caretaker are already aware of the grim situation.

Accepting that Reality is by itself a dating task and any guidance to accept that and live with it from someone who has gone through a still tougher ordeal is acceptable. Lip service and other positive messages are counter productive.

Instead of ignoring or wishing it away learning to live with it is the task at hand and any help or suggestions to ease the present situation is welcome.

Many a time a silent Pat on the shoulder or a warm hug or just holding the hand and sharing the silence and giving time is a good approach.

Certain solutions that have worked for others which are not a direct fit should be avoided and only referred to if interest is shown by the person suffering. Otherwise they are best left out of the conversation.

Being there for someone is a very powerful support system for the social bond of the humàn pshyche and expressing the solidarity by sharing the grief in the moment and with the person in which ever way that works at that time is to be adopted.

In many cases there is a competition to sound more vocal and instead of connecting with the person suffering people show off to others around and ensure to get their participation registered with mutual friends more than the person suffering. This is a natural social structure and taking care to avoid this is very necessary.

Hope these tips help .


Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence