Action is always going on in the human beings life. The definition of action as we know is restricted to what the body is doing at a given point of time.

The body is a tool for action the orders for which originate from the life atom. This life is the actual driving force behind the physical body. We see and accept this body as the person which is a mirage.

The brain in the physical body connects to the life atom and communicates with the same the process of which can be understood.

Actions by any person are somatic ( in the head) thought form , expressive form and in physcic form. The intensity of the Desire to achieve the outcome is the sole motivating factor. The higher the intensity the greater the chances of action being done.

Living is the net result of all such high intensity desires that have culminated into actions. The purpose of life has to be understood to continue performing actions without feeling tired.

Being productive useful and wantad are the universal traits that every human being desires. If your actions are aligned to theae goals then you keep getting energized and get into a positive spiral.

Whatever be the process you follow the goal has to be in harmony with people you live with. This is an important factor which can lead to accomplishments.Incongruity can drain and kill your enthusiasm.

Living and acheiving goals involves interaction with people and is not possible in isolation.Have these interactions properly weaved into your goals. As long as your interaction with others are positive and adding value to your relationship and productive you will never feel tired. Every single day will be full of happiness filled with a zeal to achieve.

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence