Language is an invent of the human mind.

Detachment is a word which has to be understood looking at the context. Baby being born can be termed as attachment or as progression and growth.

You have brought a nice prospective to the whole process of looking at a baby being born.

In Extistential reality it is the process of procreation and ensuring that the physical form will Nourish grow and decay. That is the state of being and will change form once the body is disposed of whatever be the religious ritual proformed. What was once the body remains physically in some other form.

The soul or the life atom which is the one that understood experienced and identified things will get separated and adopt another body in due course to create new experiences and understanding.

Human beings as a society need to you have a culture where in this knowledge of reality can be transferred by education and culture.

It is great to know that you are bringing many path breaking new ideas into this culture of humanity.

Keep writing and I really love your articles.

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