An Amazing story telling way to get the message across. Writing a book can become so simple if only people could follow your simple suggestions.

It is an irony that people are so tuned to expect the task of writing a book to be pretty complicated. A daunting task in their stored memory gets stripped down into a simple list and a simple rule of writing 1000 words every day.

A real practical and effective advise which certainly will work.But the apathy is from the thousands of people who read this find it too simple to be practiced. Me included :(

I am impressed as well as fully believe agree and understand the process but just can not bring ourselves to do it. Not procrastinating or not being serious about writing it is some missing thing which I am not able to place.

I would be really happy if there are a hundred people who follow this advise and take up writing and publish a book in the next 2 years. Such a list if made public will be a strong motivator and I would request James to republish this very same article with that list.

Thank you very much James for sharing and doing your bit to get more people to write and publish. Medium is also a great tool to get published and yet there are people like me who want to write give the world something to read and keep thinking about it :(

Hope One day I follow this simple process outlined by you and publish my first book.:)

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence