Antony Moore,

Great motivating article to get people to push themselves more than what they are doing now.

One important point that most Motivational writers in contemprory times missing are understanding and knowing a Human being.Every person wants to be wanted by others and be useful and productive.

After all the fears about Financial security and unending brands pushing people into consumerisms we have Bill Gates and Warren Buffet donating all their wealth.

The irony is no human being wants to be looked down upon.He wants to add value to society and earn love and respect.

Understanding oneself is the biggest task.I can add that understanding yourself helps you understand every other human being.You are a union of the body and the life atom.Your body derives energy thoughts feelings and just nature from the life atom and the body is the manifestation and reflection of what goes unseen by the eyes of the body.

We all human beings can not see but experience and understand what this life atom is and how it works.

Look forward to read more from you about the motivation that works to get people to do things.

As long as you are being productive useful fair and just you are aligned and always feel energised.Excessive indulgence and unproductive flithy activities do not give you pleasure.

You have had first hand experience and you can explain better what the body feels and what the life atom feels during indulgence.That everyone can understand or experience.

Being in eternal blisa is always doing things that make you and the other persons you are with happy.Building happy transactive memories is the best way to live.

Look forward to a story about feelings experienced .


Anand Damani.



Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence. Being resolved and helping others find their truth. RESOLUTION GURU

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