Awesome and we’ll researched piece.

Reality is what is there in existence.The language that we are using to communicate is but a tool to help us exchange our ideas of that reality.

Human beings are a species that can see with their consciousness in addition to their physical Eyes. That is because of their imaginative power.

Reality is fixed and Human beings have understood the rules and the existence of the same. Feelings of happiness belonging etc are also real and our consciousness understands the same.our eyes and physical senses can not see them. We human beings can feel them.

Once the science of that consciousness is understood all these debates will not be required. The next level of study ahead of the quantum physics ending up in chaos and uncertainty is the solution.The limitations of spirituality and The unknown which has led to divisive and acrimonious religion is required.

Here enters the Science of Spirituality and understanding existential reality as it exists with the rules behind the same. Human beings are the most complicated physical structure with the nervous and neural system.He exists and studying him can solve all the physical laws. The physical body in energised by the consciousness which I would like to refer as the life atom.

I have put together a SlideShare and would request a critical analysis and suitably tweaking it for easy understanding for further sharing.

Look forward to helping each other create harmony and fruitful living for mankind.

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence