Awesome Nick,

Economics, Governance, Religion all have become corrupt due to the consolidation of power. Education is serving all the three shamelessly and we need to break the shackles.

Coming to the point of simplification of Economics please vet and validate the following.

Human needs are limited and greed has no limits.

What cannot be consumed is waste. It needs to be shared.

What is not required should not be produced.

Abundance on the planet needs to be accepted.

Destroying the planet or its resources is not Economic development.

Economics is the optimum utilisation of the material on the planet for Human beings to sustain themselves and nothing more than that.

Experiences are to be created by interaction with other human beings.

Economics as we know them needs to be turned upside down. Abundance is there in the Planet and human needs for all the 7.5 billion can be easily satiated.

Look forward to follow the full series of articles from you.

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence