Awesome piece once again. :)

Building a relationship of trust and respect with each other is a very difficult task. Since birth instead of doing that we start to becoming either Dominant over others or becoming docile and subjected by others.

Respectful coexistence has been alluding mankind in all the societies and that hat lead to their demise as well as destruction.

The future is beckoning and such an ideal society made up of all people like you is a dream that is going to come true Darius.

A society where everyone is self reliant and accepts other being with respect and coexists them for social harmony.Towards that society the march has begun and you are an enlightened soul to be leading a great many people.

Every single Human being on this earth has an all powerful soul that is self reliant and does not need to subordinate or harm another .

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence

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