Human being on this planet is with a purpose. He wants to know himself and add value by existing. Every thing on this planet Matter, Plant life,Animal Kingdom and human beings have a specific role to play.

Human being is a combination of the Body and the Spark of life.

Human body is the most complicated collection of systems cognitive, nervous, digestive, circulatory etc. The life is virtual which can not be seen by the eyes He can through the advanced cognitive system engage with the body. Using the senses through the brain the life can learn and feel. The objective is to be able to understand and be productive and wanted.

Every Human being has the innate quality of being inquisitive and compassionate.In his quest to know himself he has reached the current stage and learnt things contrary to his innate qualities. That has not been acceptable and so he is still groping around with all the isms. New thoughts like UBI are still in infancy and will certainly evolve as time passes.

By creating a workable solution that works on the local village level and can be scalable globally in many variants all over the world at this very moment Human beings are reversing the consumerisms .They are producing more than they consume. Earth has enough resources to feed and sustain more than 10 billion people and we are still 7.5 only.The inequalities and hoarding will disappear once the fear of scarcity is removed. Alternatively Human beings will blow themselves out of the face of the planet looking at the arsenal they have amassed.

As you mention fingers are crossed but I am positive that Human beings will find tranquility and happiness in existence in harmony with reality.

Look forward to more from you on human future,

Anand Damani.

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence