The philosophy of coexistence explains existence as always present .

Understanding is the ability of the life atom/ soul in a human body.

A living human being is a soul understanding reality and creating experiences and storing them in the collective cloud of transactive Memories. He is doing that to be able to download and experience reality again in his next bodily journey to be happy.

This can be looked at from infinite angles and explained to make human interactions between themselves and with nature better.

The whole exercise of understanding the universe can be done in 10–12 years of systematic study. The content is now available as a series of books.

Everything in the universe is complete in itself and is in order. It is also playing its role in the bigger system.

We human beings being sentient will be in order by understanding and philosophy of Coexistence helps do that.

Humbly request your help in demystify all doubts and confusions built into the tradition and culture over centuries.


Anand Damani.

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence