Everything in this universe is following natural laws and is in order. Only human beings behave in an erratic way as they do not yet know what is their role and purpose in existence.

In their quest to do good human beings have damaged the earth to the extent that survival of the human race is now a question. They have divided themselves instead of uniting as a species with common traits.

Now now that knowledge has dawned and is slowspreading. it is a matter of time before everyone knows himself and starts behaving in human way. The race is on either human beings correct their ways or the earth perishes.

I am writing about out the way human beings should live and would love if you can add your own thoughts and spread it out.

Let us do our bit in removing fear and uncertainty and build trust and confidence instead in human beings for human beings. All other things on the planet have their fixed rules and follow them.

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence