Excellent knowledge in simple and straight facts.

Just like the physical body the senior faculty that drives the body the soul or life atom that is reading and understanding this article also needs resolution to all dwara and anxiety.

Realising that the body is a physical thing which will grow old and one day cease to be as strong as present is a fact. Nothing less Nothing more.

I the soul am Going to be there but can live as Phil only if I have this physical body. The body makes me Phil. As a cognitive and sentiment part of Phil I need to ensure adherence to these ideas listed out .

I can resolve understand and follow them without feeling it as thrust upon me but enjoying them as it will help me be Phil for a longer period.

A healthy and fit Phil will enjoy and create beautiful memories for a longer duration .Nothing more valuable is possible in this planet. So this is what I will do .

I have written more on knowing yourself and the physical construct and science of consciousness and soul for ordinary people to understand and explain to others.

Philosophy spirituality and science of a Human being for the common man.

Regards and peace.


Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence