I fully agree to the fact that people do not accept your questioning easily.

Coming from the east I have been in the culture where everyone is aware of the conscious self being a distinct entity other than the body in which it resides. Having studied a lot of ancient texts and 1000s of blogs of various people on the Internet for over 20 years I am aware of the large unknown not known to me.

What has questioning the established facts given the whole world? Isnt it a fact that all the inventions and discoveries have been made by people who did not accept things as they were and questioned? It is the result of challenging questions posed by people that we have all these modern technologies. I am surprised that inspite of this information being obvious and known to everyone why are people doubting your questioning.

Any sane person knows that every new thought that overwrites an old established thought comes by application of Brain ( Thought Power) from a higher plane. Commonly this is described as out of the box thinking.And when you are on that path of looking at things more in depth or holistically people cal you offbeat. Funny it is.

I am at present reading and understanding Madhyastha darshan a philosophy which helps you look at everything while being inside and seems to have an answer to every question that mankind can think of.

I have some writings about the Patanjali Yoga sutras and look forward to connect to more inquisitive people around the world feasible thanks to Internet.

I have started following you and look forward to more posts from you on your journey.

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence