Going a step further the time has come for all the human beings on the planet to realise that other than a human being every other thing that exists on the earth is fulfilling its purpose.

Every single being has its role and characteristics defined and discharges the functions in line with the law of nature. Human beings is the most advanced species inhabiting the planet.Biologically with a fully developed frontal cortex he is the best bet to use visualisation and imagination to understand and decipher reality.The life atom that is non perishable charges him with energy to live and experiences and understand through the body.The same life atom exists in animals but is not able to experience the reality due to the biological limitations of the animal body.

And the paradox is that all problems today on this planet are man made.Human being in trying to do good has destroyed and divided themselves into sects and groups due to ignorance.

With the advent of Internet and mass communication the time has come for knowledge to dissipate. Globally people start behaving in alignment with nature and become rational.

While being grateful for every beleif that has come to us from our ancestors or from the enlightening articles on medium everyday where ever we live we need to validate the same on these three points.

Is it something that I can understand and explain to another human being to replicate the understanding as I have understood.

Is it something that I can practice and make a part of my daily life and improve my coexistence with other human beings and nature.

Is it something that is real and aligned with the reality which is in existence.

Unless any thought passes the litmus test of these three questions we should probe more to get to reality.

There may be a few dots far flung and not connecting as I am trying to explain the way forward for humanity. I would love to add more to bring knowledge to every person on the planet.

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence