Far more complete knowledge about existence as coexistence is already now doing the rounds in Society.

The people. who thought of Zen buddhism Advaita and Atheism had been subjugated for a few centuries and their theories ridiculed for not ebing relevant.

Now with the scientific knowledge to support I have the complete knowledge of existence as coexistence.

I am a humble simple man completely resolved trying to help spread this knowledge to the seeker.

I am no guru and have understood that every single human being on the planet has immense potential to learn.

It is upto him to learn what he wants to and validate.

Human behavior till this knowledge evolved has been inhuman and animal like.

Hope to see human beings live like human beings are supposed to and create utopia towards that goal I am moving ahead with full confidence.

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They are no literary treatise but if you can reach the emotions that I am bringing out that should give you great joy :)

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence