Great article Thomas. As always I love your deep insights.

This practical advice to spur into action and stop over thinking is pretty simple and all phycologists have unfortunately missed the same.

To explain the same we need to understand that every human being is living the life that he is desiring to live. All things that he is doing and living are the result of his actions to fulfill his desires. All that he has not done are dreams and wishes for which the required intensity that spurs into action has not been achieved.

The desires of all human beings have three levels.

Desires that are strong enough to result in immediate action.

Desires that are based on situations events or circumstances etc.

Innate desires that originate from the life atom or soul.

The results of these actions can be summarized in the following three ways.

Momentary satisfaction ,long term satisfaction, permanent satisfaction.

For any action to be performed the required intensity of the desire has to be generated. What ever it is that you are doing in life reflects that the requisite intensity for that desire was present. All other desires are just your aspirational dreams or wishlists which are get to generate the required intensity.

That is the existential reality. Any thought or aspiration which is not supported by the requisite intensity does not get converted into action.

The people who do overthinking just need to identify this lack of intensity or conviction in their mental faculty and work on that aspect.

Once the diagnosis is proper then action will start getting done by increasing the intensity of the desire to the required levels.

Every human being has the aspiration of being productive and useful. This is an inbuilt trait every human being will always continue to have whatever be his age location culture or social standing.

He feels fulfilled by doing and being useful to the family society and ecosystem. The fear and the confusion of what is good and what is not gets pushed into him by education and culture that he is born into.

Action is natural to every human being and the cloud of overthinking and over fearing can be resolved by understanding .

Knowing the existential reality and his purpose of existence he can stop over thinking and enjoy living.


Anand Damani.



Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence. Being resolved and helping others find their truth. RESOLUTION GURU

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