Great insight.

Questioning and inquisitive nature has helped human species to attain so much.

We have to be grateful to all ancestors across the planet for having given us the knowledge on the basis of which we can know more.

I can humbly claim to be able to answer every question and align it with existential reality.

This knowledge of Coexistence has been found discovered and documented by Shri A.A. Nagaraj from Amarkantak in India.

Any question by a physicist at NASA or a AI engineer at Google or a small time unread peasent in Bangladesh , by a inquisitive child or a student of the phd course or by someone dying can be answered in a logical practical way.

This knowledge of reality and existence and Human species role in the universal order has been made clear. I am trying to write about it from various contexts and angles for human beings to exmaine and evaluate the same.

All religious studies or philosophies have tried to give a proper belief system for Human society to exist in order and enrich .

That is now being enacted and I am doing my part with happiness.

Being happy in the present moment and working towards the happiness of all Humanity fills me with immense energy and joy every moment of my life.

I would love to help more and more people find more answers and not unsolved mysteries or questions in life.

Let us pay a fitting tribute to Socrates by now knowing the answers and helping mankind. There is no need for aporia anymore.

Be it gravitational force, mass, time, big bang or Justice, faith, death, success, relationship any topic Human being can imagine has an answer. The answer will be

Logical and practical

Applicable to all 7.5 billion people

Simple and understandable.

Give it a shot.

Would love your help and cooperation in making life good for all the inhabitants of the planet.

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence. Being resolved and helping others find their truth. RESOLUTION GURU

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