Great story Tim.

You have explained existential reality absolutely perfect.i can provide you the science logic and resultant human way of living to give every human being the purpose of existence.

The missing pieces as you mention have been understood and explained by A.Nagaraj and now we have about 25000 odd people trying to spread that knowledge spread mostly in India and Canada .

I can explain you the structure of the soul why it is invisible why it is permanent and how the cosmic Morphic field energy works .that energy is different than the gravitational force and works differently and gravitational force is a myth as explained by many scientists.

I would love to have a 10–15 minute discussion with you and share things. If you get interested that would be a great help to spread this knowledge.

The purpose would be to help human beings live in harmony and order ….nothing more is needed on this planet. Everything else is already in order and harmony being and doing what it is supposed to be doing and only human beings are in disorder and delusion.

We are so close to creating heaven on earth as a race and you have explained everything absolutely correct just need to provide logic and reason to your explanations.

Hoping this gets noticed by you and we connect.

Best regards,

Anand damani.

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence