Habits are actions repeated without us having to make choices and implement prior made decisions.

This is there with a purpose to help you make other decisions moving forward in your life.

Being aware and observant is channeling the power of your imagination to understanding Reality. For a human being the direct vision area of around 180 degrees is visible through the eyes. Rest in seen through the internal vision which depends on the earlier acquired knowledge.

That also can become a habit and be practiced with regularity.

Consciousness is something that is at the core of Human existence. It can percieved understand and qualititavely change. There is no change in quantity and habits can never ever touch it.

Truth fairness Justice belonging purpose and such total 30 traits are what a consciousness has and needs human beings to live with them.

I am hoping to write more about them in the next few months.


Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence