Hey Drew,

Your magic with words is great.

Every parent has. I’ve told them that babies magically come out of Mommy’s tummy, and that I’m not dying anytime soon (close one), and that Santa Claus exists

These are small time lies and constructs that help us satiate the inquisitiveness of the child at the young age.

Fast forward 20-30 years the child has learnt enough and now tries living what it has learnt.It is in this phase of life that People do not accept the lies and try doing different things.

UNLEARNING does not happen and they amend tweak and modify the lies to suit their convenience. They continue to search for the truth and the truth which is right in front of them seems too difficult to grasp.The reason is the truth is so simple.

You are going to die.Your bodily matter will mix with the matter in the earth and just continue to be there in some form. Your soul or life atom will continue to exist and may take some other body in its quest to know the truth.

Most religions all over the globe try telling this truth but get lost in the complexities built over generations of lies. All human beings are the same they have the same life atom/soul and a unique physical body based on the DNA and the climate they live in. Instead of unifying humanity on these two traits religion today is the biggest divisor in humanity.

Truth is just simple and the purpose of every human being is to find it. Either we share this through education to all or we blow our selves out of the planet :)

I have written many articles sharing the truths and the current myths like this


Would love if you could rephrase the other truth blogs of mine and share them for the benefit of humanity as your own with your colors added :)


Regards and peace



Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence. Being resolved and helping others find their truth. www.ananddamani.com RESOLUTION GURU

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