Hey Jake,

Thank you for adding more confusion to the murkier world of meditation.

But did you not clarify and guide people to meditate. I am at a loss to understand what exactly you di with your post.But it is going to create a lot of interest in mediation that I am sure.

To add to the confusion the words that we use to communicate or not the reality.They are just conveying the thoughts to human beings who understand the same language.

Reality is what already exists and that is there whether we explain it in words or not.Whether the other person to whom you re communicating understands or not. Reality just exists.

Similarly whatever you call it meditation is a concept that people can experience but never understand :) Being a student of philosophy of over 40 years I can just tell you that experience your life and let understanding not muddle the picture. Whether you know what to call it or not enjoy the feeling of tranquility.

From the culture that gave Buddhism, Vipasana, Yoga and no matter what you call them a way of life coexistence and human beings as one irrespective of caste color or creed come wishes of fulfilment and bliss.

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence