Hey John,

I have always enjoyed your witty cartoons with subtle messages interspersed in your articles.

Would you believe that every single human being on earth has the same purpose. Existentially we are all the lifeatom/ soul co existing with a diverse physical body trying to understand the existential reality.

Every human being walking or rolling in a wheel chair wants to understand the behavior and logic behind every person he lives interacts and is with.

Thinking everyone to be unique and different has brought humanity here. To understand that we are all homo sapiens wanting the same resolution will start from knowing oneself and then other human beings.

Since Homo sapiens are the most complicated systems once you know them then knowing animals plants and the material world the natural laws and everything else will be easy.

I have written many blogs explaining these radical concepts and if you can make them simple illustrations and explain them better it would be a great service to mankind.

I am happy resolved and would like to help as many people possible be happy and resolved to bring unity in the human race.


Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence