Hey Joshua,

Well said and summing up such a complex concept debated over centuries over so many isms and religion :) That is real simple.

While I fully agree to your concept of it being cyclical and so simple My other little question is what is in it for me or What am I supposed to be doing?

As a human being I have the power of imagination and how do i give it good direction and understand reality.Objectively I know to monitor and evaluate my interactions with Nature with myself and with other human beings.

Finding peace and aligning my thoughts with reality will give me perennial bliss. To that end I am trying to read these posts from people like you and would love to speak out as well as listen keenly to more thoughts.

I would like your comments and inputs on this ppt to create something worthy of being published on medium.





Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence. Being resolved and helping others find their truth. www.ananddamani.com RESOLUTION GURU

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