Hey Kris,

Nice article.

Change is permanent for matter and the physical world.From the minerals and metals to the human body everything in between that is made of atomic structures is always going to change. Building up and disintegrating are their very nature.

Human being have another aspect which is the energising factor for the physical body.We can call it a life atom or consciousness or anything and that is the seer and one who understands.It experiences life and all those experiences are permanent and do not change.

Having those experiences align with reality and as things are is permanent happiness.The limited period of existence of the body and the permanent existence of the inner self or soul.The soul needs to exist with the physical body to experience.

I have put together a small PPT to explain and would love your help in spreading this knowledge for the betterment of as many people as possible.

Would look forward to more of your thoughts :)

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