Hey Michael,

The questions need to be answered in a logical way that you can understand and explain to others.

I am not a very special person but a simple Human being just like you and many others living on this planet.

As a sentient being I can do any of the 3 things.And this is what you can and everyone else on the planet can do.

  • Learn from people like you and Dr.Amit. Engage in useful discussion with to improve my understanding and an approach to learning and knowing the unknown.
  • Secondly I can teach people like you and Dr.Amit Goswami what I know beyond the knowledge that scientist on materialism and Spirtualist on soul and God have articulated propogated by discussions.
  • The third thing that I do is living happily on a daily basis interacting with other human beings and creating beautiful transactive memories. It is these memories that will get stored and be available as culture and tradition to new born souls who will want to learn and experience as human beings. These are based on the learnings that I have had so far in life about God, self ,lifeatom or soul and purpose of free will.

The first and the second activity would be a continuous loop and depend upon how open we are to challenge what we know and believe to what else could existential reality be.

Existential reality is what is already in existence whether you align your imagination to perceive it that way or not. It is unaffected by your perception. You will create suffering for yourself and others connected to you in case you are not able to align your perception to existential reality.

I liked your thoughts a lot and seek help in the efforts we a group are doing to create a culture and tradition where a new born can learn more of existential reality and less of myths.

The current world order from Monarchy to Democracy has failed and many people are trying different ways to create a new system. We need efforts to find some base thought process that can unite and give those efforts a unified direction that is practical logical and aligns with existential reality.

I am writing many articles defining purpose and reaching out to you to help as well as share knowledge.


Purpose and peace for all

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence