Hey Rob,

Language is language and it has been the driving force for all the inventions done by mankind. The reality is in existence and the language helps us to share our experience without each one of us having to have that same experience.

Instead of gloating over just artistic and flowery language as a end in itself human beings need to be able to understand the meaning behind the word and then to the actual element in existence.

The word can never be more than the element in existence and it being less is the limitation that goes with the word.

Certain things can only be experienced say for example Drinking water quenches your thirst can be said and explained. The experience of quenching the thirst has to be experienced and that can not be explained by words.

So valuing words and language as needed in reality is for human beings to ensure and use the language for creating harmony.

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence