Hey Ryan,

Beautifully made the point. To carry it further when one person found out that water boils at 100 degrees it was enough for the whole world to know it. Everyone did not have to try again at different temperatures to get to the exact value.

There is now true knowledge that is complete authentic and being practiced in a small way at two centres one in Indore India and one in Calgary Canada with people from all over the world.

This complete knowledge which answers all the questions that you have raised and assumed as reality have been deciphered and explained in a pretty simple way.

Wealth as a concept has been misunderstood. No human being has created anything from outside of the earth and everything was present before human beings evolved. The real truth is challenging all that we accept as reality now but which beliefs are all figments of imagination.

The only wealth that Human beings can create is the beautiful Interactions that they can have within themselves, with other human beings and with nature. Everything else has been in existence before homo sapiens evolved and will remain here when we cease to exist. How to make them useful for us without damaging the ecosystem was the task in which we failed.

As the most evolved species with a innate trait to understand we have been trying to make sense of everything by dissection. Now we need to make sense by coexistence and accepting the holistic concept of existence. We are there with the other elements and human beings.

Energy and matter are all explained in the 16 book series of education written by Shri Nagarajaji. His dictum is every next person who understand reality will do it better than me. So he is not a preacher but actually living a life of an ordinary man sharing knowledge with another ordinary human being.

I have tried to write a few articles based on his philosophy and hope to be able to share more of the same in the coming days.

I am grateful to all the people alive today and those who lived earlier for having created this system for me to understand and live in harmony with everyone in the world and contribute in my simple way for others to understand.

Best regards,


Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence