Hey Umair,

Nice points made about nature or existence itself.

Nature has wealth and that can only be a prerequisite for other forms to exist.Other than of being a part of the whole ecosystem everything has no use.

The world money or wealth has been misunderstood by human beings.There is nothing like notional value in reality.There is something like thought,love,respect which represent feelings.They are not notional and money or ownership is a notional thing and not a reality.

This subtle difference has been missed and from the Darwins theory of survival to Jefferson it is a mistaken understanding of the existential laws.

Water was required for life cells to evolve and trees were required for amphibinas then mammals to evolve.

Remove the concept of ownership and then think of the world.A world full of elements co existing and fulfilling each other.Human beings who value trust love being fair and owning nothing as they know that even the body that dwelve in is ephemeral.

There in no predation but just coexistence with everyone playing their part in harmony.



Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence. Being resolved and helping others find their truth. www.ananddamani.com RESOLUTION GURU

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