Hi Antony,

Nicely crafted message about how to handle criticism and turn it into fuel.

Digging and little deeper understanding where the criticism comes from helps you evaluate and judge it in a better way.

Every critic face his own learning and beliefs based on his upbringing. that is unimportant ingredient for him to understand what we have articulated and presented. if his knowledge is lacking or is belief system contrary to what we are proposing he may respond negatively.

If we are mature enough and able to place the criticism squarely on the background it rests on it is easy to forgive the person and take away the learnings from it.

I have put together a small ppt about humankind and would like your critical review for the same.


Thanking you in advance for the shortcomings and improvement areas that you can help me with.

look forward to reading more from you.

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence