Hi Brandon Evans,

Your journey looks amazing and is testimony to the fact every single human being wants to have a purpose in life and work towards achieving it. That is that is the reason of having been born . Coexistence is a concept that has been proposed by a very foresighted seer in India the land of the Yoga.

After a thousand years of a vaccum in terms of new original thoughts we have a new proposal.It is detailed value sysyem based way of living .The treatise is outlined clearly explaining the origin and the formation of life matter and the evolution process. You can find answer to all the questions that logic and Science have taught us.

I am trying to learn it and would request you also to do research and verify for yourself this beautiful way of living which answers all questions that modern science and and at the same time explains how human is born what happens after he dies and what is his goal to achieve during the life.

Look forward to hear more from you in your quest of finding your purpose of life

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence