Hi Cole,

A very nice way of asking people to speak up for the ones they love instead of accepting them as they are with their shortcomings.

A simple way is to realise that what is in reality has to be accepted.

The first thing every person should do is understand his position and situation in relation to every other person in his life.Second he should identify and fix the direction in which he is moving in relation to every other person.

As long as he shares evaluates both these correctly and keeps it that way he is going to be in a state of bliss always.If there are large gaps between reality and what he potrays or communicates he is sowing the seeds of sorrow.

There is only one outcome possible with hyprocacy or being nice a mirage of all is well for a unspecified period of time.

Reality is bound to always manifest and the larger the gaps the harder the fall and greater the sorrow.

Simply put for your perennial happiness be real with people and more importantly create an open atmosphere for people to be able to be real with you.

The second part is much more important and a nice article about the same should follow.

Best regards,

Anand Damani

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence