Hi John,

Thoroughly enjoyed and find the article very informative.

I would like disagree on the fact that certain people are too violent and can only be dealt with by violence. I am not sure where you got the quote and attributed it to Mahatma Gandhi .My take on the same is that every individual when he is a baby is full of compassion and love .All the violence and the violent trait that he imbibes are given to him by the society and the upbringing that he gets.Inspite of all that the innate trait continues to stick in him and wants him to be a good and compassionate person even with all the turmoil that keeps going on in his conscience.

The natural traits of fairness justice love compassion being wanted being productive are too deeply ingrained in every human being because of the physical structure of the life atom. I have tried to explain this in this PPT and would love to hear your critical acclaim to improve the same before making it public.


Look forward to hear from you and interact further.

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