Hi Mark,

A holistic approach is what science has missed.WE started dissecting and looking at the broken part.Be it human body or Herbal extracts science has tried to isolate and understand things by isolation.

Nature does not work in isolation and that is the big problem.Every proven and established fact of science is proven false after a few decades.While I agree that this is progress we have now an alternative approach toscience as such.

An original Indian Seer Scientist and Philosopher bundled as a package has explained every single mystery related to the earth and the universe in simple words as coexistence and in certainity.

I am studying all his works and am amazed by the depth of his explanations and the study you are doing is reemphasising those points.

Human being has to be made to be at the centre of all studies and he alone can understand explain and live the life in the world.

Look forward to more research documentation and mystery revelation by you,

Best Regards,

Anand Damani.

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence