Hi Nathan,

If you can connect me to Harari I would be grateful.

I have poured over his books both of them more than once and the version at Hardbound is also great pictorial depiction.Kudos for the nice work.

The future of mankind as mentioned in the book HomoDeus is very likely.

Another theory I would like him to shed light and share with the world is the large number of experiments being carried on across the world which talk of living in Harmony and sharing in contrast to the majority of the world population.

Human beings are a single race homo sapiens divided by the level of spiritual advancement they have had whatever the religion they follow.

This is but a small vow that I took for perennial bliss and happiness for the rest of my life. Many such acts by individuals and groups are being taken and hopefully, technology will connect them to make this a better alternative than the one portrayed by Harari.

My humble thoughts https://docs.google.com/a/galaxyweblinks.com/document/d/1vC84Ci5nafQ3A624gpBL5ShRluJAbNdF6adUutpeXPA/edit?usp=sharing

Look forward to keep the communication on by an occasional mail suggesting good reads.



Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence. Being resolved and helping others find their truth. www.ananddamani.com RESOLUTION GURU

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