Hi Seth Godin

Assurance reassurance is only needed when you are uncertain.

In existence there is only Harmony and complete certainity.

Understanding the natural laws and the effect of every action can be known. Every human being awake will always be doing one of the nine activities.

3x3 matrix think act do… by self, by others, support others….These are the things that we know are going to have results and those results will be based on

Material laws

Social laws

Natural laws.

With the philosophy of coexistence this is possible.

Every human being is going to grow old and his body is going to become feeble and weak.

I can share this with you and would love if you can add your flavor to it and share it with humanity to ensure a safe future which will be good for everyone.

Society has given you a lot of fame and reach and my request is to make good use of the same.

Best Regards


Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence