Hi Sylvia,

Good article about taking a Holistic view rather than one sided self loathing I know it all attitude.

I disagree on the fact that the shit has to be there. The whole concept of what we are is built from what we got from the society we lived in.

Human beings per say are the best species on this planet who have the ability to transform learn and improve become qualitatively a better species.

In this quest for knowledge and becoming better humankind has come a long way and it is close to be in the state of perennial bliss. Once a few people are some parts of the society can live in harmony and continuous happiness it will create an explosive effect leading to global happiness and bliss.

From concepts like Ubuntu basic income minimalism jeevanvidya human race is on the path where people will be without shit and only create beautiful memories for them to have.

I have put together a small ppt explaining why that is going to happen the physical structure which will facilitate this.


Would love your comments on the same.

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