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Hypothetically let us assume that Donald did those acts because he thought that he will feel good by doing them or may be still thinks them to be something that did good to him.

The problem is not him but the culture or the society that imparted this education into him. If alternatively he had understood that his body is a bundle of senses that will allow him to experience the world. He will only benefit from the shared experiences of goodness by interacting with other human beings. If the other person does not feel good and is suffering that suffering will be experienced by you all your lie whenever you are with yourself. There is no way you can forget the fact that you made another human being feel bad and your inner self didn't like it one bit.

The short term satiation that you had or you thought you had was just natural animal instinct whose purpose is to procreate and nothing else. The imaginary assumed thrill was not real and just imagination. The real feeling generated was the guilt that will weigh you down for the rest of your life in you and the pain in the other person that you will never be able to alleviate.

I am not trying to be too academic or bookish but if we can start teaching this and many other good knowledge and real feelings will we be able to make a difference in the future world.

GIve it some thought. A few thoughts on the broken justice system.


Would love to hear the reactions from real human beings who feel strongly about this.



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