Hi there,

The basis of competition is the scarcity mindset that society has given humanity.In all the 70000 odd years since agriculture led to settlements and fixed home living, Human race has tried all sort of isms to create harmony together.

A lot of success that we see in technology and comfortable living is due to the competitive thought forms.The main flaw that remained was the concept of ownership that we started believing.Anything that we do not consume but have is wastage, which is the reality.Hoarding has no place in nature.

Ownership leading to Hoarding has to animosity between people, between societies ,between nations. This has caused enormous movement of natural resources from one part of the world to another part and in its wake caused innumerable number of hardships to many many humans.

There has been forced transport of human beings themselves.And at the end of it we all have exploited earth to the extent that now Earth is sick and running temperature.

If we can reverse this thought about scarcity and realise that there is abundance we should be good. Please do read my thoughts on the same if you are keen to know more.

If you agree please share it to as many people as you would like to.Claps and money is not what I am looking for :)

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence