History written by Victor’s is always incorrect and needs to be changed. The vanquished need to find the truth and let the true picture emerge.

There has been no victory without deciect globally by any of the European nations.

Being poor starved and hungry these people with nothing at home to support or be proud of were evil cheated back stabbed and exploited the trust and faith of existing powerful nations in the rest of the world be it the Incas or Indian or African countries. Red Indians ,Negros, Chinese,Indians all have suffered.

Canada is the only country which respects Natives as First Nation and appreciates their way of life and ecological balance.

That is the reality which every European now needs to be taught .Peaceful coexistence which is what humanity is about needs to be practiced globally.

In the illusion of scientific knowledge the total ecosystem has been damaged nad the planet is on the verge of being unfit.

This is the result of European misadventures in the last 250–300 years of global history.

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence