Homo Sapiens or the category to which all the 7 odd billion people living on earth today have the same meaningful goals.

They all want to achieve something by action including strenuous effort to get results.Results have to be positive to feel productive and wanted.

They all want clarity in thought and answers to unique or intricate questions their intellect is capable of throwing up from time to time in a satisfactory way

They want to coexist with other people like them and interact with them to create memories to be cherished.

They all want to lead a life of trust with others and be trusted.

But culture or the upbringing they get misguides them into a situation where they have a feeling of fear, scarcity and mistrust.More so they are at odds with other people brought up in another culture. And the mad race begins.

From a Win Win situation it becomes a defeat resulting in a win situation.

The Planet as of now has enough resources to not only feed but also fulfill all the above aspirations of all the seven billion people.

It is question of time till this knowledge becomes available to each of the seven billion inhabiting the planet before some of the human beings make it inhabitable for all :(

The race is on You can join hands to spread this simple truth before apocalypse sets in.