Human beings are naturally programmed to always keep changing. It is an innate ability they are born with.

Aligning and Positioning himself with the reality is the objective of a human being. Not properly understanding themselves and the other human beings around them they keep changing in a random fashion and create chaos in their life and the life of others.

There is this body which keeps growing old and is on the path where it will disintegrate and become non-functional. The other part of human being is the conscious self which keeps gathering experiences and memories. This part will never change in the physical being aspect.It will keep improving the quality of its experiences and memories.

Behaviour and interaction with other human beings and with other elements in the nature alone can create these experiences. Trying to collect good experiences is the simple and only purpose of existence. This becomes a positive spiral where you get good experience and behave better and by behaving better you create more good experiences.

This is the simple explanation that can change the whole world of human beings beginning with you. Simple illustrative PPT can I help you understand the concept.

Look forward to your opinion and help in spreading this concept.

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence