Idea is a word in English and in existence is a reality corresponding to this word which goes on to become a part of the belief system in an individual and as culture in a community and as tradition in a society.

The human being or homo sapiens is existentially endowed with the faculty of evaluation. This process starts with an assumption of accepting this idea to be true and then validate it with the existential reality and the universal applicability of the idea.

The parameters to be used to validate are truth justice and fairness .These value system can not be seperated from the homo sapiens and are intrinsically existing in every human being. This idea has been established. Everyone can validate it. In all societies in existence on this planet there is no tradition or idea that can be validated on these principles.Till now my preference,my ownership,our benefit etc have been the guiding and validating priciples. And these are not existentially satisfying the soul.Everyone can check that for himself.

These are not acceptable to the core soul or life atom which is in quest of truth fairness and justice.

Now this knowledge or idea is available for mankind to evaluate validate and practice.The first such person has spread this to around 1000 and odd families and they are working against odds to create a community to practice validating every idea on basis of truth fairness and justice.This is helping them to join and create a community. A few such communities will create a society and establish this idea as culture and tradition.

The always at peace and happiness overflowing in that culture will become infectious and whole mankind will become resolved.

Heaven and utopia will be experienced by every child born.I am working for my resolution and everyone should look for theirs and human society will be benefitted. If you like to play your role check on this idea at your family level and use this to strengthen the family bonds.

The family and not the individual is the starting unit for this exercise. If your family is in sync do get in touch with me to share more study material to help you practice and find resolution for your family your community and your society which will expand to include the last person on the planet.


Anand damani

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence