In this Universe everything other than Human beings have predictable behaviour.

Matter is there which has been instrumental in plant life coming into being.

Plant life has a cycle of seed to tree and tree to seeds.Using the nutrients of the material world they grow and their cycle is a continuous loop.

Animal life got rid of the attachment and can move around and continue their life cycle and nourish themselves on plants and other animals.Evolving instead of being dependant on the earth to support their regeneration they started to give nourishment to their dependants within their body and deliver full grown replicas.

Human life is a blend of physical and virtual life atom which can be validated and understood by all.The power of understanding defines human beings.As a part of universe they are also supposed to behave in humane way.

Human beings are born with this trait of being just and loving all other beings.The power of understanding is fed by society sectarianism and certain laws that are defined by man and not in alignment with natural laws.

All behaviour that is against Human nature becomes a source of pain and their collection of pain points manifests in many feelings depicted by man kind.That leads to the erratic and inhuman behaviour of any human being on this planet.

The world is waiting for Human beings to realise that they have a innate nature and should always behave that way.Once this education is availaible to mankind( Babies) from the society you will see festivity in existence everywhere and life will be bliss.

Predictable People and Bliss is a reality and an event waiting to happen on this planet.

Best regards,