Infinite needs and limited resources Myths Shattered.

Anand Damani
3 min readJul 17, 2022


This is the single biggest belief that is ruining the harmony and health of the human race as well as the planet. I will help you debunk this belief and understand existential reality of abundance.

Apart from this one logic to reach abundance there are many more which I will cover in the next posts.

It is time the world challenged the basis of the incomplete economic theory by Adam Smith.

Get the complete correct economic theory now.Help create a world that is better as time passes instead of being endangered more.

Philosophy of #givemore to

Ensure your growing and sustainable business.

Think of all the human needs

put them in one of the buckets as shown in the image.

Fulfilled by material on this planet

Fulfilled by another Human being

The green bucket is the needs of the physical body

The purple bucket is the needs of the self/soul/life atom

As per Maslow these are the ways to define the needs…

We are looking at the ways in which the needs get fulfilled

From the Earth and from Other human beings.

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The bodily needs are essential, time sensitive, measurable,

Needs of self are none of the above.

Planet earth has material to produce much more than our physical needs.

Compare with our capacity to consume them or WASTE them.

The Ecosystem gives more than the input naturally.

Physical material on this planet is more than the needs of 7.7 billion.

Food Clothing Shelter and Procreation needs of all

is already taken care of by nature.

Depriving is not natural and is wastage of resources.

Consume the stuff in time or it will rot

Nature produces more than required.

Regenerative Economics is natural.

Our economic theories need to add this information.

The purple bucket needs of self are infinite, perennial.

They are not measurable and are qualitative.

Every human being can produce and consume them

in an infinite quantity.

The more love you give you feel loved.

The more gratitude you have you feel plenty.

The more you trust the more secure you feel.

The more you understand the more resolved you feel.

The needs of the self are something that you need to

both produce and consume in infinite quantities.

Being competent to do that is what comes

out of understanding the philosophy of #givemore

Nature provides for the needs before the emergence of

the material world,plants, animals & the homosapiens.

Understanding this existential reality is the correct

understanding of economics.



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