Interesting article sharing information about the depths of spirituality.

Now the time has come for the Science of Spirituality to take over.

Whatever good every religion has done is welcome but the divisions that they have created in the world population today is painful. Mankind as a species is one and needs to be united and considered as a universal family.

The thought of there being a god and something that can not be seen or felt was not substantiated by real existence and people could not understand the same and so people revolted and all religions have people who can not take it anymore beyond a point.

A child born into any religion learns the rules and accepts the same in full faith.As it grows into an adult they see a lot of hypocrisy.People preaching good deeds are seen doing bad deeds.It is there in all religions and the reason is the limited or incorrect understanding of the person committing the crime.

Instead of explaining that the powers that be try and subdue and ignore that as a random incident without questioning what was incomplete in the teachings that lead to such an incident.

Reality as in existence needs to be brought into the religion. Human beings are a species that have imaginative and understanding capability. Anything that they understand and validate then they will stand for the same.

Fully agree with you in that it is time a new ism that blends both the modern science and materialism and the traditional religions and spiritualism as known till now needs to blend into creating a complete and full science.

I have been fortunate to read and imbibe knowledge from all around thanks to Internet and have created a small slideshare that explains a human being and how the science of spiritualism can be taken forward.

Would love to hear your views on the same.



Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence. Being resolved and helping others find their truth. RESOLUTION GURU

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