Birth and death are just incidents as the Atom of life moves from one Body to another.This is not a religious saying but a scientific fact which you can validate your self as mentioned at many places by you.

The feeling which can be felt but not turned into verbose.Atomic evolution lead to this atom being evolved which did not have any atomic mass or weight.It was free of all forces and complete in itself .It had abundant energy to have an infinite sequence of thoughts ,understanding and visualisation.

During the same time evolution of the matter lead to Human being evolving as the most complex system on this planet with a Frontal cortex capable of facilitating the life atom to connect to the physical world.The live Human being as we know is the coexistence of the life atom in the body energising and experiencing through the body.

This whole science has been a subject of study by Civilisations for all these years and the missing pieces are beginning to fall in place thanks to varied reading possible for each man.

The act of regeneration and maintenance is naturally done by all things on the planet other than Human beings.And the process of evolving is in motion and we will soon see a civilisation with all human beings being equal, just, knowledgable and in a state of tranquillity. Society will educate each new born to become a universal member of the human species accepting his body to be a tool to achieve the state of tranquility by living his life in a humane just and productive way.

Produce more than required and share the extra with fellow human beings.Create beautiful memories during your interactions with other Human beings.Leave the earth a better place to revisit when you take up another body form :) To that world all civilisations and societies are progressing.

With the immense reach and cognitive ability that you have look forward to reading more about you on these thoughts to help Human race.

Warm regards,

Anand Damani.

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence