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You are lucky to be having the skills to express your thoughts in a structured way and make it good readable content

You can use your skills and your thought process to convey a positive message or a negative message .The fact that your family members or not someone you can open up with and share your self is well taken. Generalizing based on those would be taking them a bit too far .Human being is a social animal and the first interaction that he has is with his biological parents .There are exceptions which we can discuss seperately. The reason for alienation with them starts with the child holding the actions the behaviour and the teachings not in alignment and contradicting.

As the child grows slowly it forms its own opinion of the family members and is not happy with what he finds. The process of alienation that starts gets reaffirmed by the actions and interactions that happen between them during the course of the growing up. This is the period where we need to understand the need for behaving in a human way and not in a way that is contradicting to what the growing child expects. Society and culture have slowly started creating rules for the behaviour as to what is right and what is wrong without understanding the needs of the growing child.

In places where there is alignment between what the parents teach and how they behave you will see a lot of bonding and connection among the family. In cases where the parents behave erratically and confuse the child you will find alienation. The child is always looking for certainity, just and humane behaviour.

Madhyasth Darshan is modern science having the best of scientific analysis and spiritual understanding of the conscious human being, his body and his relationship with other human beings.This is a way of life proposed which can be studied practiced validated and shared with others leading to happy well knit family as well as a society of bliss.I would request you to do your own research and find peace with yourself your friends and family and enjoy this experience called life.

Hope to see you not getting hurt by your friends your family members and in turn not hurting anyone and sharing your positive journey of life using the great writing skills that you have. Look forward to more posts in a happier frame of mind and spreading positive messages on medium from the great writer.


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