Kacy Qua, UBI is a misnomer and instead it should be UBO Universal Basic Opportunity. Every Human being is born with a potential to be a great human being unless taught things to coexist and not in competition with other human beings.

Society and Education so far has divided and compartmentalised Human beings into groups and not allowed them to look at the whole human kind as a single species which they are.Be it any race color or sect all are human beings Homo Sapiens.

As human beings we do not want Pity or to be looked down upon and hurt our self-respect. Neither do we want to be unjust and repressive.Nor do we want something that is not ours or not deserved. So no UBI.Education and culture has brought us to the stage where we camouflage these innate feelings and behave in the ways we do.

Earth has enough resources to support a pretty large number over the 7.5 billion that inhabit it now. We just need to give every human being an opportunity to produce more that what he consumes.Life is pretty easy if you are assured of abundance of material till your death.

The modern capitalist economy which relies on GDP and growth has fuelled the scarcity fear. Unless you know what is your requirement When will you know it is enough?

By trying to be educated and get a job and moving up the ladder has not given Human being either satiation of wealth or satisfaction to the quest for knowledge or living happily with others.

The solution lies in studying Human being, the combination of the Body and the life atom.The consciousness which can understand, be happy needs to be studied just as we have dissected and studied the human body .It is time to study the virtual we which energises the body.

As He understands the fact that the body will be destroyed and he will be able to adopt another body.His objective is to know & understand himself and be happy. All the worldly possessions have been there before he adopted this body and will remain long after his body is destroyed.This thought once embedded will help him put the same to good use.

His memories and the transactive memories he creates with other human beings carry more value than the objects. These good memories get transferred to society.Such a study is the future education which will help human beings coexist and live with each other instead of competing .They will coexist like all other animals, plants and material on this planet.

It may look too academic but so did everything before being adopted.

Look forward to read more from you on such thoughts,

Anand Damani.



Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence. Being resolved and helping others find their truth. www.ananddamani.com RESOLUTION GURU

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