Knowing the humàn being is the first step in the process to reduce worries.

Everything that has been given a nmae by Human beings is based on the functional aspects and characteristics of that specific element.

Be it heart,plant,dog,rock we know what its role and characteristics are. The way it behaves .But we do not know much about Human beings and why and how they behave or function.

The study of Human beings has been possible thanks to the new innovation and findings of Shri.A.A Nagarajji in Amarkantak India. There are over 2000 hrs of video discourses Where he explains the whole existence and the role of human beings in the ecosystem.

The human being himself is a union of the life atom or the soul and the physical body made of material atoms. These two parts have their different functions are activities.

Modern science could not visualise the life atom as it is free of mass pull pressure. The four layered life atom has 61 sub atomic particles performing 122 functions.

The power to create a percieved reality more powerful than existential reality is one of the characteristic of this life atom.

Worry or joy or the manifestation of that activity. Being always happy and joyful is a state that can be acheived by the study and knowing the humàn being holistically.

No worries No qualms No dissent. Such a way of living aligned with spirituality and science and practical living is possible. I am able to do that and helping others achieve the same by sharing my 2 cents.

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence