Complementing for writing such a nice piece about the feelings of a Yoga Sadhak straight from the heart would be too little.

You deserve a standing ovation for the frank and thoughtful portraying of the feelings of over 10 million yoga enthusiast and practitioners all over the world.

Yoga I think is the most popular self-improvement technique practised today in the world more than any other training.

Still, such a candid opinion brings to life the fact that knowledge about Yoga and its benefits are yet to be understood.For the advantages to percolate down to each and every person more and more frank opinion like yours needs to be aired and shared.

Yoga is not just Physical but covers the body, mind & spirit all three that make up the individual.Physical fitness, mental concentration, emotional balance all are improved by practicing yoga.Hope you identify the changes in each facet of your existence as you practise yoga and air more such views.

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Philosopher of Coexistence